Please note that my business is now closed for one-to-one sessions as a safety measure to keep my clients, students, friends, and family safe. I hope to reopen my business on Tuesday 14th April, subject to any further government directives. In the meantime, I'm able to conduct consultations, and some sessions, over the phone or by FaceTime. I'm also able to conduct distance healing sessions. Please phone 07956 250974, or email info@Pat-Bishop.com for further details.

Do you want to make changes and improve the quality of your life?

If so, change may be quicker and easier than you think!

I've over 13 years experience of helping people, just like you, to achieve their goals and to move forward with their lives. No matter what challenges you currently face, you can overcome these obstacles and get more from your life.

Some of the issues I've worked with successfully include:

  • boosting confidence, including for public speaking, performing arts, and sport enhancement
  • succeeding at job interviews and exams
  • controlling eating habits and losing weight
  • stopping smoking
  • overcoming fears and phobias
  • overcoming addictive habits and other behavioural problems
  • relieving stress and anxiety
  • relieving pain
  • alleviating skin disorders (eczema, blushing, etc.)
  • resolving relationship issues
  • more…

I use techniques such as hypnotherapy, counselling, EFT (and other meridian therapies), NLP, current and past life regression and healing, all of which are capable of bringing about quick and long-lasting behavioural changes.

I work in a very dynamic and highly personalised way; no two sessions are ever the same as each session is tailored to your goals and reflects your progress.

I've helped many people overcome their problems, I'm passionate about my work and I fully believe in the potential for people to change. If you would like to make changes to your life, please feel free to book a free initial consultation. Or if you have any other questions please feel free to email me and I can usually respond within 24 hours.